Hedi Benamar

Quantitative Researcher and Developer

Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA)
Quant "Q" group

Market Microstructure, Natural Language Processing, Quant Macro, Equity Alpha

Ph.D. in Finance
HEC Paris 2009-2014

M.Sc. in Quantitative Finance (with honors)
University Paris Dauphine 2009

M.Sc. in Finance (Grande Ecole)
HEC Paris 2005-2008


Fed Communication, News, Twitter, and Echo Chambers with Chiara Scotti, Clara Vega and Bennett Schmanski
SSRN Working Paper

Central Bank Communication Choices: Adverse selection, Volatility and Liquidity in a Market with Fast and Slow Traders with Alain Chaboud and Clara Vega
SSRN Working Paper

Demand for Information, Macroeconomic Uncertainty, and the Response of U.S. Treasury Securities to News with Thierry Foucault and Clara Vega
The Review of Financial Studies (June 2020)

To See is To Know: Simultaneous Display of Market Data for Retail Investors
Review of Finance (March 2019)

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